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I am a member of a website called I joyned there to ensure to you that I am real.

Here, the gentlemen can write about the date they have had with me. If you are interested in reading this, you can take a look by clicking on the TER-icon.

About writing reviews : I understand and respect that some of you gentlemen likes to share your experiences and they also are of advantage for me. However I hope you remember that I am a real person and that the internet never forgets. So please observe my need for confidentiality as I respect yours. If you want, you are always welcome to share your thoughts about our meeting before you publish them on the internet.

I advertise on a number of websites. Some of them request that I was able to verify my pictures in various ways. This ensures you, that my pictures are real.

You can click on the banners below to take a look on some of the places where I advertise.